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                Company Profile

                Location:Home > Investor Relations > Company Information > Company Profile

                I. Basic Information

                  Full name of Company in Chinese

                 Yantai Taili Automobile Tooling Co., Ltd.

                  English name and short name

                 Yantai Taili Automobile Tooling Co., Ltd.

                 Security short name

                 Taili Tooling

                 Stock code


                 Legal representative

                 Sun Junqiang

                 Registered address

                 No. 42, Chuangye Road, High-tech Zone, Yantai

                 Host brokerage

                 Essence Securities Co., Ltd.

                 Accounting firm

                 Shandong Hexin Accounting Firm (Special General Partnership)

                 Law Office

                 Shandong Qilu Law Office

                II. Contact Information

                 Secretary of the Board

                 Zhang Huayu







                 Company Website


                 Address and postal code

                 No. 42, Chuangye Road, High-tech Zone, Yantai,

                postal code: 264670

                 Website designated for  information disclosure


                III. Company Information

                 Places for public share transfer

                 National Equities Exchange and Quotation

                 Listing time

                 March 6, 2015

                 Industry (large industry category regulated by CSRC)

                 C35 Special-purpose equipment manufacture industry

                 Main product and service project

                 Design, research & development and sales of automobile tooling, automobile parts and trial-manufacturing parts

                 Common stock transfer method

                 Negotiating transfer

                 General capital of common stock (stock)


                 Controlling shareholder

                 Yantai Taili Group Co., Ltd.

                 Actual controller 

                 Sun Junqiang