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                Research Institution

                Location:Home > Quality System > Research Institution

                The subsidiary Yantai Taili Machinery Technology Research Institution Co.,ltd is a carrier of Jiaodong automobile technology modern service platform. Taili, Yantai Productivity Promotion Center and Yanti High-Tech Zone Technology Entrepreneurship Service Center cooperated with CIMS Engineering Technology Research Center of Tsinghua University and Advanced Manufacture Technology Center of China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology to jointly establish the Jiaodong automobile technology modern service platform which is an innovative service platform of modern manufacturing industry facing the development of automobile industry. With the enterprises operation mode, the platform carries out the design, R&D, manufacture of new products and other public innovation services specific to key automobile and automobile parts enterprises, and uses the modern design and advanced manufacturing technology to promote the development of automobile industry in Yantai and the surrounding areas.

                Platform Function

                Platform Laboratory